What is On-Page Seo & How to do it ?

On-Page Seo –  Doing some changes with in the website like URL, Content , Meta Tags.

On-page seo factors are

Title tag –  it is the label for the browser and it appears in search results

Drive initial click for the users and appears in search results

Having length of characters 55 ( if more than 55 it shows dots in search results )

Description tag- It is the summary of the webpage

Length should be maximum 155 characters

Header Tags – We can use tags H1 H2 & H3 this tags use for heading or highlights words

there are six types of tags h1 to h6 but atleast we can use h1 h2 h3  on every pages if possible.

Alt tags : Alternative text for users

Its helpful identifying the name of the images for slow loading browsers

URL structure:  It should not be lengthy it should be short or randombly

URL Structure has two types ;

Dynamic URL Structure- It is a randomly generated. it is in the form of some default character or some random number. This URL is not read & understand easily through users or search engine .

EX-  https://affordableseoservices.co.in/training-course.php?training=23

Static URL Structure –  It should be used for on-page Seo As it is a search engine friendly. This URL is read or understand very easily through users or Search engine. You can use a keyword in the URL for a Seo benefits.

EX- https://affordableseoservices.co.in/course/training-in-administration-business-mba

Robots.txt – It is a file kept in server root folder its contain some instruction for search engine or robots.

through this we will get one code we can use this domain like domain/robots.txt den you will get one code this code can save in robots.txt and upload in server root folder

If you want to block any file or images then you can block through this for example you can take like;

User Agent:*        Allow all crawlers from all content



Disallow:/              Black all crawlers from all content

After blocking Search engine will not be crawl

Sitemap- It is an Xml file which consists of all urls of a website

Sitemap is for crawlers to visit the website and add the urls in the database

we can use this tools like xml-sitemaps.com through this we will get code this code we will update in server root folder  As well as you can submit in webmaster tools after uploading if you want to see it will be uploaded or not then you can see through this domain/sitemap.xml

If you will do like this then search engine will be crawl very easily of our file.

Mobile Friendly – You can use tools like mobile-friendly Test tool in in here you have to analyse URL this url is friendly or not .

  • Website should be mobile Friendly.

Bread Crumb Navigation – It is the path for the user to navigate front and back webpages/content

Benefits; Increases the Internal liking strength of the website.

Sample code:- <a href =” https://www.affordableseoservices.co.in/mobile”>Mobile</a&gt;

Canonicalization: Loading same pages from Multiple url without creating Duplication Error





If it will be Dublicate content then we can use tool like 301 redirection

W3c Code Validation– Search Engine don’t like some Error like java scripts, Html, Css then we can use this tool like W3c code validation we can check error and rectify them

Broken Links : Search Engine don’t like Error like 404 Error so we can use tools like deadlinechecker.com, webmaster tools through this tool we can check error and rectify them

Internal Links – These are the links which links present with in the website

Increases the Internal liking strength of the website.

In internal links give two hyperlinks first links give in home page and 2 links give in same page.

External link – These are the links Which links going from Our sides to other side

Ex- Social Media Sites, Third party sites

Footer Links– These are the links which are present in the common footer of the website.

White Hat Seo – Used to legal techniques given by google.

Black Hat Seo – Used to illegal and spam techniques to rank and google

Seo Audit – For Seo Audit we can use Apps like screeming frog . After downloading in there Enter Url then relevant to Url It will come details and you can dowload after downloading details it will come in excel Sheet. Some unwanted columns is there and remove of their column.

We can audit like 404 broken links, 301 redirection, Title, Description, Url , Status code.

In this you can use one tool like mofo.com through this you can correct title, Description, URL. After correct you can upload in server root folder.

Rss Speed Submission –  Copy the standard code from w3school.com in notepad and replace with our website data

Save the file as rss.xml upload the file in the root folder of the server

Checking the front  by typing example.com/rss.xml

Submit this rss speed in Rss submission sites

Benefits – DA from high quality rss feed submssion sites, traffic.

People will suscribe to our rss feeds ( optional )

ON-Page tools like:




Backlinking tools like







Content tools like-



Error tools like-


webmaster tools


Some Extension tools like: Moz chrome extension

Seo quake chrome extension

Reporting tools like : google analytics

Site speed –


google page speed insights

Keyword tool-

Keyword planer























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