What is Search engine optimization & how to do it?

It is a process of getting any website in first page of search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo Using on On page optimization and off page optimization.

On page Optimization:  Doing some changes with in the Website like Url structural, Meta tags, Content

Off Page Optimization: Getting Building, Back links for a Website in high authority sites

In On page Seo Techniques we can use Meta Title, Meta description, Meta Keyword, Header Tags, Sitemap Submission, Robots.txt, 404 Broken links, W3c code validation, Internal Links, Footer Links, External links, Rss Speed Submission, Mobile Friendly, canonical tags, 301 Redirection, Url Structure, Seo Audit, Bread crumb navigation. White Hat Seo, Black Hat Seo.A

In Off Page Optimization We can do Submission for back links Ranking, Traffic, Citation like Directory Submission,Social Book marking Submission, Profile erection, Business Profile erection,Forum Submission, Article Submission, PDF Submission, Press Release Submission, Guest blogging, Blog Commenting ,Class Field Submission, Css Submission

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization :

Increase Organic traffic for a site

Expands your business through out the world

Generate leads and turns visitors to buyer

It helps you to rank a website well.

Under search Engine optimization we can use like Webmaster tools, Algorithms, Competitors tools, Google Analytics

This is my First Blogs

Later I will write second blog about On Page Seo, Off page Seo, Web Master tools, Algorithms, Competitors tools, Google Analytics with Explain ony by one.






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